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Could someone translate the above into Tamil? Thanks!


Hi Pm,

      this is Anand from TamilNadu,India. I first applaud you for your effort you showed on Tamil.I can 

help you in Tamil translation to some extent. I need to know one thing from you. How to chage font type , because tamil fonts are entirely different from english, i hope you know that. So you guide me in changing the font type.


Hello AnandKummr you do not to define tamil fonts for Pmwiki it si supported Microsoft Unicode sites)

Note: து the matra for "tu" is splitting off, following the consonant instead of showing the complete composite glyph...that matra should only appear after grantha consonants...or is it just showing like that on my Mac? (I'm interested in Tamil Unicode... so watching this page closely to see how it unfolds...)


தமிழ் வளர்க்க இந்த பிஎம் விக்கி உதவுமா?